Angela T

Meli was exposed to makeup as a child from her earliest memories of watching her mother apply makeup everyday, as she was the type of woman who never left the house without it.  This cultivated a connection that makeup not only served as a way for a woman to enhance her natural beauty but also gave her the opportunity to showcase her sense of style to the world while feeling great in the process.

Although Meli always gravitated towards art and anything that required her to utilize her creativity at its full capacity, she initially attended Rowan University where she obtained a degree in Psychology.  It was not until the day before the beginning of her senior year of college that Meli made the decision that she was going to take a more creative path in life:  Her destiny was set in becoming a freelance makeup artist.  Although this was always a dream that she held in the back of her mind, this did not become a reality until her arrival in New York City to attend makeup school.  

Christina mirror background

Meli studied makeup artistry at the Make-Up Designory (MUD) and acquired a Certificate in Beauty Makeup while also earning an Image Consulting Certificate at The Fashion Institute of Technology.  Upon graduation, Meli landed a full-time artist position at MAC Cosmetics where she became a certified MAC Artist and it was during these years that she truly picked up her craft.  She also worked as a Product Specialist for the company and had attained advanced makeup certifications to broaden her skill set.  Meli further expanded her cosmetic career by working for other prestigious cosmetic lines including NARS as a Business Counter Manager along with Chanel as a freelance makeup artist.

A face chart created by Meli for MAC Cosmetics

Bridal Makeup by MeliWith makeup artistry, Meli is most passionate about bridal makeup and designing the perfect look for all her brides-to-be as this is most aligned with her makeup aesthetic: elegant, classy, and tastefully beautiful.  She is featured as a spotlight artist on The Knot and has won The Knot’s Best of Weddings consecutively for eleven years for the best bridal makeup artistry within the Northern and Central New Jersey region.

Aside from makeup artistry, Meli’s many passions include fashion, health/fitness, creative writing, photography, interior decorating, and traveling the world.


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