Airbrush vs. Traditional

Brides today are faced with plenty of options for their wedding day and their bridal makeup is an important detail in the planning process.  Besides determining the right makeup style that suits the bride’s personal preferences and best enhances her natural features, brides also have the option of choosing an airbrush or traditional makeup application.

For those who do not wear makeup or know very little about makeup in general, I want to further explain each makeup application method before I move on to frequently asked questions.

Airbrush makeup applicationAirbrush:  Airbrush makeup is a foundation application applied by using a portable airbrush machine–more specifically a small air compressor that connects to an airbrush sprayer.  The foundation itself is a light water-based liquid which sets immediately upon application.  Being the foundation is sprayed on directly to the face as a fine mist, the liquid makeup that is dispersed from the airbrush machine is lightweight and provides an ultra natural finish.

Traditional makeup applied with brushesTraditional:  Traditional makeup is most commonly applied with the usage of professional makeup brushes along with other tools.  The foundation can range from multiple mediums such as liquids (which can vary in coverage from light to full), creams, and powders.  Being there are more options in the choice of foundation that can be used with a traditional makeup application as opposed to airbrush makeup, the outcome of the skin’s finish will depend most on the actual consistency of the foundation chosen by the makeup artist.

Now that I have elaborated on both airbrush and traditional makeup applications, I want to answer my most frequently asked questions to further assist in choosing the best makeup application for you.

Which method lasts longer?

In all honesty, both methods are meant to last all day thanks to other professional products used such as face primer, setting powder, and a setting spray.  All these products in conjunction with each other will prevent shine throughout the day and lock in the makeup to last as long as 16 hours of wear.  Although powder and face primer can be eliminated with an airbrush application, as a professional makeup artist, I still take the time to use these for added staying power throughout the day.

Which method is most natural?

I find airbrush makeup to generally be most natural in finish being the foundation is a light mist of liquid that lightly sits on the skin’s surface.  As a result, the airbrush foundation provides a smooth, skin-perfecting finish but in a minimal way.  Traditional makeup can also provide a very natural finish as well, with the use of a sheer liquid, tinted moisturizer, or loose powder.

Which method photographs best?

If the makeup is done professionally, both makeup applications will provide photo ready results due to its ensured longevity throughout the day.

I don’t really wear face makeup whatsoever, which makeup application do you recommend?

For a bride who generally never wears makeup or none at all, I find that airbrush is best because it almost feels like nothing is on the face while still evening out the skin beautifully.  Airbrush makeup tends to also provide that effortless no-makeup-makeup-look.  As a second alternative to airbrush, I recommend a light tinted moisturizer or sheer liquid foundation which is applied traditionally.

I need maximum coverage for my wedding day, which makeup application do you recommend?

With both foundation applications, I still take the time to prep the skin with a pore-perfecting face primer and use concealer to cover up any skin imperfections prior to applying foundation.  These steps will not only further extend the longevity of the makeup throughout the day but also serve as layering components to prep the skin for its best coverage.  From there, my first recommendation would be to apply a traditional foundation with a full coverage finish as opposed to airbrush makeup.  This is due to the fact that airbrush is ultra light to begin with and is not meant to provide maximum coverage.  However, I have come across exceptions where airbrush still provided amazing results for those in need of more fuller skin coverage and wanted to be airbrushed on their wedding day.

Do you have a preference as to which foundation application you like best?

I never like to state one foundation method as a better choice than the other because it truly is based on the bride’s skin concerns along with providing her with the best results to ensure she looks and feels her best self on her wedding day.

When I coordinate a makeup trial, I often times make a professional decision once I discuss the desired look with the bride along with seeing the skin in person.  This allows me to make the best recommendation as to which foundation application is best.

Be sure to contact me today to coordinate your makeup trial and we can further discuss which makeup option is best for you!

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