Allie - cover shotAllie (outside)


20161007_12142220161007_121432 Smokey eyes 2Smokey eyesGeorgia makeup 2Georgia makeup 3jackie
Shejal 2Shejal 1
Kathy (bridal party)Kathy bridal makeupKristen 1Kristen 2ashley-makeup-1ashley-makeup-2ashleys-bridal-partyMelissa's weddingMelissa D'Aniello (car)Amanda IMG_6703IMG_6705Jill (bridal party)Christina 2Christina - (bridesmaids)Mary KateLa Toya - close upLa Toya - with daughterCarmela 1Carmela 2

Charissa Charissa - bridal partyColleen 1Colleen 2

steph-makeup-1steph-makeup-2Lauren's weddingLauren 2JackieCheryl 2Cheryl (eyes)DanaDana's bridal partyJen F Jen F - (eyes)

Vanessa's weddingVanessa's eyesFatima Fatima's makeupFatima's eyesDanielle

Lisa M - (eyes)


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