Bridal Makeup Trends

Bridal makeup is an essential part of the wedding planning process and designing the perfect look for your wedding day is my number one priority.  Here you will find some of the latest beauty trends along with coordinating makeup vision boards to serve as inspiration.

[Prior to setting up a makeup trial, I always advise my clients to take a look through these makeup trends along with bridal magazines to get a better sense of how the makeup should look for the day of the wedding].    

Bridal Beauty Trend #1: “Elegantly Natural”

Bridal Makeup Look - Elegantly Natural

Pretty.  Effortless.  Graceful.  Exquisite.  Delicate.

This is by far the most desired look for brides as it just enhances your natural beauty with soft washes of color in neutral tones.  This is the perfect option for anyone who does not typically wear a lot of makeup or someone who wants to look ultra natural with a touch of elegance.

Bridal Beauty Trend #2: “Soft Glow”

Bridal Look - Soft Glow

Fresh.  Youthful.  Modern.  Sleek.  Luminous.

The main focal point of this look is beautiful skin that shines with radiance and has an incandescent visual effect, as seen on the glamorous Jennifer Lopez.  This look is also a great natural choice for any bride that wants to put extra emphasis on a bright complexion with a smooth finish.

Bridal Beauty Trend #3: “Strikingly Smokey”

Bridal Makeup Look - Strikingly Smokey

Glamorous.  Captivating.  Sultry.  Dramatic.  Alluring.

The smokey eye is becoming increasingly more popular and always looks effortless on celebrities like Kim Kardashian.  This trend is a divine look for anyone who wants extra definition and their eyes to truly stand out on the day of their wedding.

Bridal Beauty Trend #4: “Floral Fantasy”

Bridal Makeup - Floral Fantasy

Romantic.  Whimsical.  Feminine.  Enchanting.  Artistic.

This trend is all about soft pops of color on the cheeks, eyes, and lips.  Adding color to all the features not only brightens up the face but is also a nice choice for a bride who is looking to coordinate their makeup with color themes within their wedding (such as their bridemaids’ dresses or floral arrangements).

Bridal Beauty Trend #5:  “Lady in Red”

Bridal Makeup - Lady in Red

Dramatic.  Bold.  Showstopping.  Classic.  Ravishing.

A red lip is always a romantic and classic look that will surely leave a lasting impression on the day of your wedding.  This trend looks especially great paired with neutral eye makeup to create balance and allow for the lips to draw the most attention.

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